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Technology with a Purpose

Online Training Management for Local Governments TargetSolutions is the ultimate online system for scheduling, delivering and tracking training Request Demo 在工作中一直被跳槽的女上司玩弄的新人我北条麻妃在工作中一直被跳槽的女上司玩弄的新人我北条麻妃,派遣J罩杯女优鹫尾芽衣到绝伦素人家神乳乳交射精派遣J罩杯女优鹫尾芽衣到绝伦素人家神乳乳交射精,发射无制限、神咲诗织最后の中出し大乱交发射无制限、神咲诗织最后の中出し大乱交 Learn More > Achieve Training Compliance with TargetSolutions With TargetSolutions, public agencies can meet accreditation requirements for training. Download Report
Training Management for Public Entities

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Deliver Training
online safety training management

If your city, county or municipality needs a loss prevention training solution, look no further. TargetSolutions features more than 1,000 courses to help public agencies meet training requirements.

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ROI Calculator
online safety training management
Interested in learning how much your government could save with TargetSolutions? Learn the value of streamlining compliance training with this powerful ROI calculator.

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A Total Solution
online recordkeeping software
TargetSolutions’ online system streamlines the delivery and tracking of training and compliance. Learn what makes TargetSolutions a comprehensive solution for all government agencies.

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Accreditations Report
online recordkeeping software
Interested in learning more about TargetSolutions’ accreditation status in your state? Check out this report for information on accreditation for the fire service, EMS, law enforcement, and public works.

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Learn Why Thousands of Agencies Use TargetSolutions to Manage Training

Powerful Online Training Management Tools for Public Entities

TargetSolutions’ computer-based training is proven to reduce claims and increase productivity.

  • More than 1,000 online training courses for all types of government agencies, including fire departments, police departments, public works agencies, etc.
  • Catalog features mandatory OSHA training, driver safety training, HR courses, and much more
  • Deliver training assignments with alert notifications using innovative, easy-to-use LMS

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Save big with TargetSolutions

Increase Savings, Reduce Risk with Engaging Risk Management Training

Decrease workplace accidents, minimize lost work days and save money with TargetSolutions.

  • Access popular liability-reducing titles including Back Injury Prevention, Office Ergonomics, and Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Reduce overtime and other expenses related to costly in-person training sessions
  • Complete training anytime, anywhere with 24/7 online convenience and mobile access

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Sexual Harassment Training That Prevents Incidents from Happening

Satisfy mandatory training laws with TargetSolutions’ Sexual Harassment Prevention training courses.

  • Educate employees to prevent costly sexual harassment cases from ever happening
  • Combine harassment training with mandatory SOPs and ensure accountability with e-signatures
  • Provide TargetSolutions dynamic, engaging training courses created by subject matter experts

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Sexual Harassment Training

online training and records management

Document Everything with Recordkeeping Applications

Simplify training and operational management with TargetSolutions’ powerful technology.

  • Onboard new hires with powerful tools for delivering and tracking paperwork
  • Deliver electronic policies and announcements, document with e-signatures
  • Monitor your organization’s risk by generating comprehensive reports

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More Training. Less Liability.

Quality training is important to your bottom line. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate online system proven to educate employees, reduce claims and save money.

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